Jason D. Greenblatt

Universities No Longer Safe for Jews

In the Israel-Hamas war, will humanity be on the right side of history? (Jerusalem Post)

This is why the two-state solution is dead. (CNN)

Abraham Accords Will Survive, but Iran Remains Enemy of Peace (Newsmax)

Ask them if they stand for the murder of Jews.

Lay the Blame Where It Belongs: Hamas Is Iran’s Instrument (Newsweek)

The Kingdom has come a long way since 2017 (Arab News)

Congress should support investment in US, not discourage it (Arab News)

China showed the world the power that it is (Al Arabiya)

On the path to a changing Middle East for Jews (Arab News)

Former Trump White House envoy: Dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes should not have happened (CNN)

Why should the Middle East pay for Biden’s cheap oil? (Arab News)

Thomas Friedman should let Netanyahu govern, then criticize him (JNS)

Israel deserves better than this prophet of doom (Arab News)

Saudi Arabia and the UAE aren’t vassal states of the US (CNN)

For ‘CNN’ and anti-Semitism, not perfect but a good start (JNS)

To Stop the Terror in Jerusalem, Enforce the Taylor Force Act (New York Sun)

A nuclear Iran would unleash a nightmare in the Middle East (Fox News)

Biden Should Repair Relations With the Saudis — Here’s How (New York Sun)

Welcome to ‘The Diplomat’ (Newsweek)

Until We Say Goodbye, Dad (Newsweek)

One Easy Way to Strengthen the Abraham Accords? Artificial Intelligence (Newsweek)

Abraham Accords: A Tool for Progress (Newslooks)

Saudi Arabia is an Indispensable Middle East Ally for the United States (Newsweek)

Now is a promising time to begin to heal Gulf Rift (Arab News)

With All Due Respect, Ambassador Heusgen (Die Welt | Germany)

The Breathtaking Nature of the Abraham Accords (Newsweek)

President Trump, in word and deed, proves that he is Israel’s best friend (Miami Herald)

The Abraham Accords Are a Sanctification of God’s Name (Newsweek)

Ending the Iranian occupation (CNN)

El Al: What a history, what a future! (Israel Hayom)

Progress Versus Stagnation, Reality Versus Fantasy (Newsweek)

Can We Seize the Opportunity for Lebanon and the Region Around it? (Newsweek)

COVID-19 a tragedy that offers opportunity for a reset (Arab News)

Applying Israeli law in West Bank is not illegal (The Jerusalem Post)

How innovation and tech can power the region to a brighter future (Arab News)

Israelis and Palestinians work together against coronavirus (The Jerusalem Post)

Humanity is in this together (Israel Hayom)

During coronavirus crisis, technology can bring distance learning closer to everyone (Fox News)

Coronavirus crisis – Don’t underestimate danger to ports and shipping from COVID-19 (Fox Business)

Business unusual: Time for tech to move fast and fix things (Al Jazeera)

Coronavirus is our common enemy – Americans must unite to fight it (Fox News)

Ex-Trump envoy: For Palestinians and Israelis, this is the deal that can be done now (CNN)

Why the Palestinian leadership should not reject Trump’s peace plan (The Jerusalem Post)

Israel can count on Trump, not Sanders, when under attack (Fox News)

Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians: All dedicated to a peace resolution (The Jerusalem Post)

We need to thank the unsung heroes for keeping American synagogues safe (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Trump order to fight anti-Semitism at colleges shows he strongly supports Jews and Israel (Fox News)

Trump got it right on Jerusalem (CNN)

Trump’s quest for Arab-Israeli peace continues – But without me (Fox News)

World must demand more from Palestinian leaders to bring their people peace and prosperity (Fox News)

Trump Mideast envoy: A hopeful, bittersweet goodbye (CNN)

Gaza: A failed experiment by Hamas (Israel Hayom)

The Palestinians Deserve So Much More Than Saeb Erakat (U.S. Embassy in Israel)

Israelis and Palestinians must unite against shared threat (CNN)

Greenblatt and Hook: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Would Be Iran’s Worst Nightmare (U.S. Department of State)

Trump’s Peace Envoy Greenblatt: Gaza’s Future Can’t Be Addressed Until Hamas Is Out of the Picture (Haaretz)

Help is at hand for Palestinians. It’s all up to Hamas (The Washington Post)

Does Hamas have the courage to admit failure? (The Washington Post)

Care About Gaza? Blame Hamas (The New York Times)

The UN must do better to condemn terrorism (The Hill)

Condemnations of Pittsburgh massacre by Middle East nations are welcomed (Fox News)

Palestinians deserve better than calcified positions that have failed to bring peace, jobs or opportunity (The National News)

White House: Now is the time to work on peace and prosperity in the Middle East (The Hill)

Assistant to President Trump: What I learned from my visit to the Tree of Life Synagogue (Fox News)

Trump’s Mideast peace plan a ‘path to change’ for Gaza (The Jerusalem Post)

President Donald J. Trump wants this to be a year of shalom, salaam, peace (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner: For Gaza peace, tell the truth about Hamas (CNN)

Trump Mideast Envoy: The Palestinians Deserve So Much More Than Saeb Erekat (Haaretz)

US Envoy Greenblatt: Hamas has taken Gaza back to the Stone Age (The Jerusalem Post)

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